Often, the world defines success in material possessions, financial progress, or some other external & publicly visible metric.

Success for me means that I spend part of every day trying to be better, trying to overcome my personal challenges, and working towards a better marriage (we're 27 years in and getting better daily), relationship with my kids, spiritual journey, and entrepreneurial pursuits.

I have a real heart to help men along this journey, and it’s such a blessing to have achieved success, and to be able to share what i’ve learned during my five decades to help other men.

How This Simple Morning Routine Transformed My Entire Day!

Are you struggling to make the morning your most productive time? Do you want to maximize your morning routine and make it work for you?

With this easy guide, I'll show you how to become a morning person, giving yourself more energy, get more done, and make your morning your most productive time.

With just a few daily steps, you'll be able to transform your morning routine into an energizing start of the day. You'll have more energy throughout the day to complete tasks and reach for success with ease.

Download my Maxed Out Morning Guide now...change your morning, change your life!

  • Learn simple morning techniques so that you can become a morning person and change your day!
  • Create a successful morning routine that fits your lifestyle so you can get more done in less time...all day long!
  • Learn the one easy 3-minute change so that your energy will explode & your metabolism will be in hyper-drive!


3 ways to get started on your path to becoming the man you were made to be


    Our extensive library of online courses feature topics across the masculine and human spectrum. With videos, audio, worksheets, and guides, these courses will move you forward toward life success.

  • 1:1 COACHING

    There is nothing like 1:1 mentorship to help you move forward in the most efficient & effective way possible. Let me help you discover a personalized path for your life that by working one-on-one with me in coaching.


    The Maxed Out Man podcast features two great hosts that entertain, intrigue, & educate. We interview experts and influencers from a multitude of disciplines to bring new insights in the world of men.

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We all have! Just like every man, I have faced so many challenges over the years, and continue to face them every day. 

Just a few years ago, I was fat, tired, frustrated, and unmotivated, and I wasn't really sure where to go next!

So, I went back to what I knew...process! I gathered the information I needed to make the changes I wanted. By creating many of the ideas and guidelines in Maxed Out Man, I turned my life around!

Is life all sunshine and roses now? Of course not! But, I get better every day, which is the idea. 

My hope is that through Maxed Out Man, I can help you and other men become who they were made to be!