At Maxed Out Man, we pride ourselves in delivering the best possible professional-level products at great prices.

For all online retailers, shipping continues to be a challenge as rates continue to climb across all providers. 

In an attempt to provide a fair rate for shipping, we have a Flat Rate of $9.99 for all US shipping for most of our products. Some of our on-demand products come straight from the factory and may have different shipping rates.

The shipping prices you see are calculated based on the rates that the USPS and UPS services are charging us. We have attempted to be very accurate in product weights to ensure the shipping prices are not overinflated.

Many of our products and specials have discounted shipping, and orders over a certain dollar value get FREE SHIPPING - see site for details, some exclusions apply.

Sometimes we have other shipping options available that aren't shown during checkout that can save you money! 

That's how committed we are to delivery accurate and fair shipping rates!

A note about delivery times - the number of business days it gives you during checkout are best case scenario, and based on the number of days ONCE SHIPPED, not from time of order. It may take less or more time (sometimes a lot longer, depending on the local and nationwide situation) for your order to be delivered.

We normally ship Monday - Friday with the cut off on Friday at about 10am EST. Orders placed after that time will be shipped on Monday.

For orders sent by our fulfillment partners (clothing and supplements), shipping dates may vary. See the info below for specific supplement shipping information. These are times for fulfillment AND shipping times.

USPS Domestic (US): ~ 5-9 business days

UPS Domestic (US): ~ 5-7 business days

DHL Express (International): ~ 5-6 business days